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3 10 OTM's of February
by Noem
Jan 25, 2013 16:26:15 GMT -6
No New Posts The Guide

All the rules and such will be placed here. No worries; they aren't too harsh. Make sure to read everything before you get started.

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14 36 Pokemorphs
by Kçℵ
Jan 12, 2013 15:43:57 GMT -6
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You can talk about almost anything here. Make sure to have fun!

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21 78 Brb
by Noem
Feb 12, 2013 15:43:18 GMT -6
No New Posts Arcues' Domain

Meant for staff's eyes only, this is where the bosses of the site run the place and manage the rest of the site.

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1 1 Rules
by Kçℵ
Jun 23, 2011 19:21:05 GMT -6
No New Posts The Little Shop

This board is filled with the shopping lists of all of the regions! Post here if you would like to buy something for your character and a staff member will get to it soon.

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2 9 site store item
by Kçℵ
Jan 7, 2013 17:10:16 GMT -6
No New Posts Art, Graphic, and Template Shops!

Here you can create your own shop for any kind of art, graphics, templates, you name it! Be sure to set prices beforehand, or you may get some people angry.

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2 7 Posting Templates by Hannah!
by Hannah
Jan 19, 2013 12:57:37 GMT -6
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183 668 The Journey Begins [MOD]
by Cloud Crow
Jan 14, 2013 14:27:51 GMT -6
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133 142 ZapdosZulu: A Pokemon HeartGold & SoulSilver RP
by Joey
Jun 12, 2015 5:24:21 GMT -6
No New Posts Questions/Suggestions

Got any questions about the site? Confused about something? How about an idea you have that you think might help make the site look or work better? Post it here! Guests are welcome, and members don't have to log in in order to post.

3 8 Suggestion Tiems
by Alice Hope
Feb 9, 2013 11:31:32 GMT -6

Let's Get It Started

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No New Posts Character Creation

If you wish to create a character, please come here. Make sure you've read the rules first before posting. Please follow the guidelines.

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5 7 laura elliot, GYM LEADER | WIP
by Laura Elliot
Jan 7, 2013 16:40:15 GMT -6
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34 70 Alice Corin Hope
by Noem
Feb 2, 2013 18:01:39 GMT -6
No New Posts Storage Places

Come here to keep track of your Pokemon and your items along your journey. Make sure to post in the correct board so you don't get mixed up.

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49 60 Alice Hope
by Alice Hope
Feb 5, 2013 9:46:30 GMT -6
No New Posts Character Commun

Looking for a plot? Needing someone to play as a certain character? Looking for a trade? Post here in the correct places.

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9 21 give me the strength of the rising sun // max
by Hazel Moore
Jan 15, 2013 9:07:47 GMT -6
No New Posts Character Claims

Character claims can be found here. Better stop by and make sure you do so.

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10 13 Cure's House
by Cure Elliot
Jan 19, 2013 12:58:48 GMT -6
No New Posts Down on Paper

It's always fun to write others, as well as keep track of what your character is doing.

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9 17 Janell's Posting Template
by Hannah
Jan 13, 2013 14:02:11 GMT -6


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No New Posts Pallet Town

A very small town, houses are sparse the farther out you get. However, the renowned Professor Oak lives here, and this is where many people form Kanto come to receive their starter. This town connects to Pewter city by route one and to Cinnabar Island by route twenty one which happens to be a water route.

Sub-board: Professor Oak's Lab

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No New Posts Viridian City

The second town in Kanto, and the first place that has both a Pokemon Center and a Gym; however, although the gym is the first to appear, it is the last to be battled for many trainers. This city connects to Pewter City by route two and to Victory road by route 22

Sub-boards: Pokemon Center, Poke'Mart, Viridian City Gym

1 3 Venturing Out -- Alexander
by Brittani Derosier
Jan 6, 2013 18:32:24 GMT -6
No New Posts Viridian Forest

Many bug Pokemon live here, a lot of bug catchers coming in after them. This place is a maze compared to most places, and if I were you, I would have a few repel on you.

1 5 What a Night [MOD]
by Alexander James McCormick
Jan 6, 2013 14:53:23 GMT -6
No New Posts Pewter City

A very rocky-like town, this place sits in shadow of Mt. Moon. It's a very quiet place, however has interesting places, such as the museum and the gym. Pewter City heads to Mount Moon through route three.

Sub-boards: Pewter City Gym, The Mueseum, Pokemon Center, Poke'Mart, Diglett's Cave

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No New Posts Mt. Moon

A large cave that you must cross through in order to get to Cerulean. This cave is very long, and may require flash in order to get through. Many cave-dwelening Pokemon such as Zubat live here, and if you're lucky, you may find a Clefairy or two. Continuing right on your journey you reach route four which heads into Cerulean City.

1 4 Making A Mt. Moon Out Of A Molehill! [Mod]
by Hannah
Jan 11, 2013 17:24:33 GMT -6
No New Posts Cerulean City

A very watery place, Cerulean is home to the second gym of one's journey. There is also a bicycle shop here where one can purchase a bike if wanted. To the North of this city are two routes that lead to nowhere, route twenty five and twenty four, next, to the east are the two routes nine and ten that eventually come around to Lavender Town and finally you have route five which goes straight to Saffron City.

Sub-boards: Cape Cod, Cerulean Cave, Cerulean City Gym, Pokemon Center, Poke'Mart

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No New Posts Saffron City

A large and populuse due to Sliph Co. and the Fighting Dojo, the city holds its pride most in the gym, where Sabrina the Psychic runs the show. To the east of this large and central place is route eight which heads to Lavender Town, to the west you can find route seven which goes into Celadon City and last but not least you have route six which leads into Vermilion City.

Sub-boards: Saffron City Gym, Fighting Dojo, Pokemon Center, Poke'Mart, Sliph. Co., Team Rocket HQ

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No New Posts Celadon City

Full of life, Celadon holds the Department Store and the Game Corner for people to have fun in. The Grass-Type gym here is a host to many battles for trainers.Heading south you come along route sixteen which later connects to route seventeen and then onto eighteen heading straight into Fuchsia City.

Sub-boards: Celadon City Gym, Game Corner, Department Store

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No New Posts Lavender Town

An almost depressing town in a sense; to one corner lies the Pokemon Tower where all dead Pokemon are layed to rest; Mr. Fuji also lives here with his Volunteer House for Orphaned Pokemon. You can go south from this town and reach route twelve which then goes on to become route thirteen. Route twelve connects with route eleven.

Sub-boards: The Pokemon Tower, Lavender Volunteer Pokemon House, Pokemon Center

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No New Posts Vermilion City

A port city. Vermilion City isn't all that bustling, however St. Anne comes through here on the port every so often, and this is where many trainers come to earn their third gym badge. Here is the city where route eleven comes into play, the route that connects with route twelve to head to either Lavender Town or later on to Fuchsia City.

Sub-boards: Vermilion City Gym, Pokemon Center, Poke'Mart, Diglett's Cave

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No New Posts Fushia City

A town with many colors and brightening aromas. This town also holds the Safari Zone, and another Gym for trainers to compete at for another gym badge. The town also holds a zoo filled with many rare Pokemon. To the east of this city there are the routes that twist along, route fifteen and fourteen. These two meet up with routes thirteen and twelve.

Sub-boards: Fushia City Gym, Pokemon Center, Poke'Mart, Safari Zone

1 7 Wanderings ((OPEN))
by Aiden Michaels
Jan 12, 2013 14:24:20 GMT -6
No New Posts Cinnabar Island

A small island that you have to surf to either way in order to get there. This place contains the Gym, the Pokemon Mansion, and of course, a very high-tech lab. Once again to the east you have routes twenty and nineteen that lead up to Fuchsia City.

Sub-boards: Cinnabar Island Gym, Pokemon Mansion, The Lab, Pokemon Center, Poke'Mart, Seafoam Islands

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No New Posts Victory Road

The Indigo Platue: A place where all trainers venture in order to make it to the Elite Four. In order to make it to sed place, you must first cross a rigourus mountain with both strong Pokemon and trainers.

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No New Posts Indigo Plateau

The Elite Four building towers over one like a huge monster, meant for trainers who have collected all eight gym badges of Kanto. Once you start to face the Elite Four, you cannot exit, and when you are defeated by one, you must start over.

Sub-boards: Elite Four #1, Elite Four #2, Elite Four #3, Elite Four #4, Kanto Champion

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No New Posts Cycling Road

Containing routes 18, 16, and 17, the Cycling Road connects Fushia City and Celadon City together.

Sub-boards: Route Sixteen, Route Seventeen, Route Eighteen

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Orange Archipelago

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No New Posts Valencia Island

Valencia Island is located in the southwest region of the Orange Islands, and is home to Professor Ivy and her lab, of whom is known for her studies on the alternate coloration of the Pokemon who inhabit the islands. It's a faily small island with a few residence, however there are a few places here and there to go, and a few places to find wild Pokemon as well.

Sub-boards: Professor Ivory's Lab, Valencia Port

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No New Posts Tangelo Island

A rather large tourist attraction due to it's Pokemon Park Theme Park, the island has a city that resides on it, and it never seems to sleep at all. There are many shops and many places to go on this island, so rarely anyone is bored when traveling throughout it.

Sub-board: Pokemon Park

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No New Posts Mikan Island

Mikan Island is a mostly forested island, with a city and port on two sides of the island. One hold the first gym of the Orange Islands Pokemon League, and great fishing spots and forested areas to catch wild Pokemon.

Sub-board: Mikan Gym

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No New Posts Kinnow Island

An island mostly inhabited by Pokemon more than people, it's covered in wildlife and whatnot. It's most popular attraction is a beach on the south side, where Pokemon often wash up on, and rocks where people sometimes back battles with water type Pokemon.

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No New Posts Navel Island

Navel Island is a large island, although the majority of it is due to a rather tall mountain in the center of it that disappears above the clouds from a distance. You can find the second gym here as well, at the base of the mountain along with a small village.

Sub-board: Navel Gym

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No New Posts Seven Grapefruit Islands

These islands are a set of seven islands, of which has the only stock of grapefruit anywhere in the Archipelago. Many Pokemon live here to eat the grapefruit. The grapefruit here are often made into candies by the people who run this orchard like area.

1 11 Return Match
by Alice Hope
Feb 9, 2013 9:08:55 GMT -6
No New Posts Moro Island

A medium sized island, that's commonly a quiet and peaceful place to stay. Many people come here to visit the museum or the Ghost Ship that has been stranded up alongside the island for over three hundred years.

Sub-boards: Moro Island Museum of Art, Ghost Ship

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No New Posts Murcott Island

Murcott Island is a mostly forested island, with many Pokemon residing on it. It is renown for rare bug type Pokemon as well, and can be compared to a Safari Zone. Despite being a heavily Pokemon populated area, a town is located on the island.

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No New Posts Mandarin Island South

The largest island in the Archipelago, the island is at the southern most island in the archipelago. There are usually plenty of places for people to go on this island, due to it being a more popular area for civilians and trainers alike to come to. Feel free to relax at the park or the lunch area, or have a battle or two at the stadium.

Sub-boards: Mandarin Desert, Trovitopolis City

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No New Posts Trovita Island

Trovita Island is a rather small island located just off the coast of Mandarin Island South. The island is sourounded by large rock formations, which take on the shape of spikes, and look almost like some sort of defense mechanism again some intruders. It isn't uncommon for whirlpools to pop up around the island, so surfing trainers are cautioned to look out when heading onto or off of the island. A gym also lies on this island.

Sub-boards: Trovita River, Trovita Gym

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No New Posts Fairchild Island

Fairchild Island is near the center of all of the islands, and is basically one big forest with a few rock formations in the center. There are plenty of Pokemon here for trainers to catch, however there is a limit as to how many you can leave with.

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No New Posts Shamouti Island

Shamouti Island is said to be a cultural centerpiece for the Orange Islands. Every year, the island holds a festival honoring Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres, and their mediator Lugia, as well as the Chosen One who is supposed to bring harmony to all three. It's traditions are relativity modern, save the totem pole that sits at town square. The rest of the year, the town is usually peaceful in general.

Sub-boards: Fesitval House, The Shrine

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No New Posts Cleopatra Island

Cleopatra island is another deserted island in the archipelago, save for woodland and a small mountain in the middle, and perhaps one or two houses somewhere inside the forest. Pokemon can easily be found here, although not too many besides flying types actually stay here.

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No New Posts Ascorbia Island

An island with plenty of rocks, caves, forests, and wildlife, it also holds a big city on it, with condos, apartments, houses, stores, and the likes. There is even a fire station to visit here, where the people who work here mostly train water types; Squirtle and it's evolutions especially.

Sub-boards: Ascorbia Fie Station, Abandon Log Cabin

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No New Posts Butwal Island

Butwal Island is a rather tropical place; it has lush forests, roaring waterfalls, and plenty of places to find ripe food fresh for the taking. Many of the plants on the island are delectable, and Pokemon seem to enjoy them quite a lot. There are plenty of grass and bug type Pokemon in the forests here, and a small village like town as well.

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No New Posts Kumquat Island

Kumquat Island, located in the northern part of the Archipelago, is a well known luxury resort, famous for it's rather great and well managed hotels, natural spas and springs, beautiful beaches, and a gym here as well.

Sub-board: Kumquat Island Gym

1 16 May I Introduce Myself? -- Khloe
by Khloe Dale Woodward
Jan 18, 2013 10:34:23 GMT -6
No New Posts Rind Island

Rind Island is a tiny, deserted island mostly inhabited by water type Pokemon, with even smaller islands around it for those without mobility on land can still gain access to it, such as Seel and Spheal. Every year, many tourists come here to watch the yearly migration and evolution of many Magikarp.

Sub-board: Rind River

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No New Posts Pummelo Island

Pummelo Island is a tropical island, and a trainer's final destination for trainers who are participating in the Orange League. At the top of the island, one can see the stadium, where trainers can battle for the right of the Orange League Champion. Battling here is also viewed as a valued spectator sport.

Sub-boards: Vertifacation House, Pummelo Stadium, Palace if Victory

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No New Posts Tarroco Island

Tarroco Island is much like a safari zone, however with a few limits; there is a strict 'no catching' policy, meaning that people are not allowed to catch Pokemon on the island. As such, it is common to see poachers and Pokemon thieves on the island. The city here seems rather up to date.

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No New Posts Hamlin Island

Hamlin Island is the northern most island in the archipelago, where a ferry goes from Pallet Town to the docks to take people to and from the main land. It is another of the archipelago's tourists islands, and many people come here every year. There is a tiny island connected to Hamlin, which is the main place for tourists to explore. There are many things, such as coffee shops, resturaunts, and stores, for people to go to.

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No New Posts New Bark Town

"A town where the wind blows and tells of impending change."

A fairly quiet place, and where Professor Elm stays and does research on Pokemon Evolution. This is where trainers also get their starter Pokemon. To the west you have the option of going down route twenty nine which also happens to intersect with route forty six if you chose to go that way to the north.

Sub-board: Pokemon Lab

2 40 New Adventures {Tag Professor Elm}
by Noem
Feb 5, 2013 18:42:34 GMT -6
No New Posts Cherrygrove Town

A small town indeed, Cherrygrove connects routes twenty nine and thirty to the north which later turns into route thirty one that heads into Violet City.

Sub-board: Pokemon Center

1 13 On The Hunt [MOD]
by Amber Charnette Everhart
Jan 14, 2013 10:10:59 GMT -6
No New Posts Violet City

A city with a mythical feeling, Violet City is home to both the Sprout Tower and the first gym battle for young trainers.

Sub-boards: Violet City Gym, Sprout Tower, Pokemon Center, Poke'Mart, Ruins of Alph, National Park

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No New Posts Union Cave

A not-so-dark cave that, if you stick to the designated path, you'll be able to get through to the next route easily. If you don't get ambushed by hikers, that is.

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No New Posts Azalea Town

A small little town residing in one of the more southern places in Johto. This place holds the Slowpoke Well, and also exits to Iltex Forest. Coming down from Violet City is route thirty two but before it reaches Azalea it turns into route thirty three.

Sub-boards: Slowpoke Well, Azalea Town Gym, Pokemon Center, Poke'Mart

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No New Posts Ilex Forest

A unique forest due to the shrine that sits in it; it is said that the shrine belongs to the Guardian of the Forest. Many bug and normal type Pokemon live here.

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No New Posts Goldenrod City

One of the larger, bustling cities in Johto, Goldenrod is famous for it's Radio Tower and Department Store. The Gym here is often visited by Trainers. To the south is route thirty four which comes out of the Ilex Forest while going to the north you travel on route thirty five and then onto route thirty six which goes to Violet City.

Sub-boards: Goldenrod Department Store, Goldenrod City Gym, Pokemon Center, Day Care, Team Rocket HQ

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No New Posts Eruteak City

An old city within it self, Eruteak holds many places such as the Burned Tower, the Bell Tower, and the Kimono Dance Theater. To the south of this town is route thirty seven which intersects right in the middle of route thirty six while to the east is Mount Mortar.

Sub-boards: Kimono Dance Theater, Bell Tower, Eruteak City Gym, Pokemon Center, PokeMart, Mt. Mortar

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No New Posts Olivine City

Johto's port city, the main attraction in this place is the light house, where an Ampharos uses the light on it's tail to lead sailors to safety. This town has routes thirty nine and thirty eight which lead into Ecruteak City but if you go south along route forty you'll soon be on your way to Cianwood City.

Sub-boards: Olivine City Gym, Pokemon Center, Glitter Lighthouse, Poke'Mart

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No New Posts Cianwood City

A very small island town, with often plenty to do here. It is connected to the rest of the region by route forty one which turns into route forty after the Whirl Islands.

Sub-boards: Cianwood City Gym, Cianwood Pharmacy, Pokemon Center, Whirl Islands

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No New Posts Mahogany Town

A very quaint town surrounded by mountains. It's very quiet, and many people find this insufferable. To the east is route forty two which runs straight into Mount Mortar and to the north is route thirty three that happens to head to Lake Rage.

Sub-boards: Mahogany Town Gym, Souvenir Shop, Pokemon Center, Serenity Grove

3 7 Expecting A Guest {Max}
by Amber Charnette Everhart
Jan 16, 2013 7:31:43 GMT -6
No New Posts Lake of Rage

A lake once said to have a rare Pokemon in it, now it's all full of Magikarp and Gyarados.

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No New Posts Ice Path

A cold cavern that links Route Forty-Four and Blackthorn City together. Many ice-type Pokemon can be found here. Watch out, the floors can be very slippery at times.

2 7 Snow! [Winter Battle]
by Noem
Jan 25, 2013 16:52:10 GMT -6
No New Posts Blackthorn City

A city populated by Dragon Tamers, this place has developed many stories about Dragons themselves; many of the elders will tell you so. It connects to Mahogany Town through route forty four and then to the south is leads to route twenty nine via route forty six.

Sub-boards: Blackthorn City Gym, Dragon's Den, Pokemon Center, Poke'Mart

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No New Posts Victory Road

A long and dangerous mountain that many trainers must pas through in order to get to the Johto Pokemon League.

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No New Posts Indigo Plateau

Where the Elite Four lies; I warn you, they are difficult, and once you enter, you cannot turn back.

Sub-boards: Elite Four Will, Elite Four Koga, Elite Four #3, Elite Four Karen, Champion Lance

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Board Threads Posts Last Post
No New Posts Littleroot Town

A small town in general, Littleroot is where many people get their starter from Professor Birch. There is also a port not too far from here where people from other regions flock in. To the north is route one101 which goes to Oldale.

Sub-board: Pokemon Lab

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No New Posts Oldale Town

A town the same size as Littleroot, however with more business in it. Continuing north you go on route 103 which becomes route 110 after you surf across a large body of water.

Sub-boards: Pokemon Center, PokeMart

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No New Posts Petalburg City

A town larger than the last two. It has a few ponds, and a place to fish. There is a gym, however Norman won't battle you unless you have Flannery's gym badge on you. To the east is route 103 which leads to Oldale while to the west you have route 104 that heads into Rustboro city.

Sub-boards: Petalburg City Gym, Pokemon Center, Poke'Mart, Petalburg Woods, Pretty Petal Flower Shop, Briney's Cabin

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No New Posts Rustboro City

A large city bustling with people. This place is famous for the Deavon Corp. and the trainers school that it holds. The first gym that trainers face is set here. Continuing your journey north you reach route 115 that turns into route 114 before getting to Fallabor. Now to the east there's route 116 which takes you to Verdanturf.

Sub-boards: Devon Corp., Rustboro City Gym, Pokemon Center, Poke'Mart

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No New Posts Dewford Town

An island that was inhabitated a long time ago, and now flourishes with both people and Pokemon. Trends catch on here quickly. Route 106 comes in from the north where it was once route 105 and after you pass through the town you end up on route 107 which becomes route 108 and then later 109.

Sub-boards: Granite Cave, Dewford Town Gym, Pokemon Center, Team Aqua Hideout

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No New Posts Slateport City

A port city with a lot to do. People who have beaten the Super Rank Contest Hall can come here to compete in the Hyper Rank Contest Hall. The city connects to both route 109 and route 110 via the north and south entrances, but to the east you get routes 134,133 and 132 all going in a linear path to Pacifidlog.

Sub-boards: Museum, Hyper Rank Contest Hall, Pokemon Center, Poke'Mart

1 1 Quick Trip to Hoenn [Res]
by Cure Elliot
Jan 26, 2013 8:51:45 GMT -6
No New Posts Mauville City

A very busy city, seeing as it has four ways to come in and out of it. Rydle's Bike Shop is very popular among trainers, and the Game Corner reveilles some relaxation. After being connected on the south by route 110, you can go east to route 118 and choose to go north on route 119 or to the east on route 123 which connects to Mount Pyre at route 122.

Sub-boards: Mauville City Gym, Game Corner, Pokemon Center, Poke'Mart

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No New Posts Lavaridge Town

A town full of flare and heat, the only way up to this place is the chair life near the edge of town due to this city being built on a mountain side. There is only one connection and that is route twelve which intersects in the middle of route 111.

Sub-boards: Lavaridge Town Gym, Pokemon Center, Mt. Chimney

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No New Posts Fallarbor Town

Fallarbor Town is a small farming community in northeast Hoenn. Fallarbor Town is extremely close to Mt. Chimney, so much of the ash from the volcano constantly falls near the town. In the fields of Fallarbor, the locals plant seedlings of hardy trees that thrive even in volcanic ash. If you come from Rustboro the only other way you can go is east to route 113 which turns south into route 111, a route that goes into Mauville.

Sub-boards: Contest Hall, Pokemon Center, Team Magma Hideout

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No New Posts Meteor Falls

A large cavern inside a mountain, with of course a waterfall. If you have the HM, you are able to go in deeper and find rarer Pokemon inside.

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No New Posts Rusturf Tunnel

Rusturf Tunnel is a tunnel between Rustboro City and Verdanturf Town, hence the name. Construction of the tunnel had originally begun by the Devon Corporation under the leadership of Mr. Stone in order to link Rustboro, as well as nearly the entire western half of Hoenn, to the large cities in the center of Hoenn, like Slateport City and Mauville City.

1 2 Cavern Exploration [MOD]
by Noem
Jan 17, 2013 7:47:16 GMT -6
No New Posts Verdanturf Town

Verdanturf Town is a small, quaint town nestled between the mountains and the plains in central western Hoenn. There are two ways out of Verdanturf. To the east is Route 117 towards Mauville City. To the north is the Rusturf Tunnel, which was being constructed to link Rustboro City and Verdanturf.

Sub-boards: Contest Hall, Pokemon Center, Poke'Mart, Day Care Center

1 3 Kiss the Sky /open/
by Pecha A. Soli
Jan 30, 2013 19:58:57 GMT -6
No New Posts Fortree City

A city built in the trees, Foretree City in one of the few places where people and Pokemon live together in peace. Sometimes a Keckleon or two will become invisible just to spook people or block their path. After coming off route 119 you can go onto route 120 which goes south and later east when it becomes route 121. Route 121 also happens to be where route 122 spins off going south.

Sub-boards: Fortree City Gym, Pokemon Center, Poke'Mart, Weather Institute

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No New Posts Lilycove

A large port city blossoming with new life and old; this town has a contest hall and a shopping mall for those interested. A dock is near the edge of town for those who like traveling. When you first leave to the east you are on route 125 but you have the option to go south on route 124 which turns into 126 as it nears Sootopolis.

Sub-boards: Lilycove Contest Hall, Cove Lily Motel, Lilycove Museum, Lilycove Department Store, Pokemon Trainer Fan Club, Pokemon Center, Safari Zone, Mt Pyre

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No New Posts Mossdeep City

An island to the very eat of the Hoenn Region. It is a very quaint place and a great place for fishing. The sixth gym is located here. After getting off route 125 at this town you can continue south on route 127 which steadily becomes 128, then 129, next 130, and finally 131 as it lands you in Pacifidlog.

Sub-boards: Mossdeep City Gym, Mossdeep City Space Station, Pokemon Center, PokeMart

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No New Posts Sootopolis City

A city sourounded by white rock. This is home to the eighth gym and the Cave or Origin. This town's houses are mostly built onto the rocks and are only accessible via traveling up the rocks. The city is mostly split in half with water, the gym in the middle on a small island.

Sub-boards: Cave of Origin, Sootopolis City Gym, Pokemon Center, Poke'Mart

1 2 001 || drinkin' in sootopolis~ | natsumi
by Saito Natsumi
Jan 26, 2013 11:53:42 GMT -6
No New Posts Pacificlog Town

A small town floating a top a sea of coral. Many people don't live here, however the people who do say that they enjoy the lives they live here.

Sub-boards: Pokemon Center, Sky Pillar

1 1 Diving for Warmth [Natsu]
by Cure Elliot
Jan 28, 2013 15:03:55 GMT -6
No New Posts Ever Grade City

A place where trainers come to test their skills. Ever Grande City also leads through a cavern and to the Pokemon League. It connects via the water route, 128.

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No New Posts Pokemon League

Ah, the Pokemon League; where many trainers come to test their skills. A challenge awaits you!

Sub-board: Elite Four Alyssa

1 4 Elite Four Challenge Information
by Alyssa Hope
Jan 6, 2013 12:45:34 GMT -6


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No New Posts Twinleaf Town

One of the smallest towns in the Sinnoh region. Nearby one can find Lake Verity, where it is said that a rare Pokemon lives. Route 201 lies to the north, and leads to Sandgem Town.

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No New Posts Sandgem Town

A place where many people get their starters. This is also a place with a beach, and a route that leads to a Pal Park, many say. Route 202 isn't that far a walk from the town, either, starting near the northwestern side of the town.

Sub-boards: Lab, Pokemon Center, Poke'Mart

2 34 Going My Own Way [MOD]
by Zephèl Onyx Nakamaru
Jan 14, 2013 9:16:59 GMT -6
No New Posts Jubilife City

The first big city in the region. There are plenty of places to go here, such as the trainers school and Poketch Company. To the east lies Route 204, which connects Jubilife to Oreburgh, part of it going through Mt. Cornet, and to the north is Route 205, which separates Jubilife from Floroma. The route itself, however, is separated by a small cave called Ragged Path.

Sub-boards: Jubilife TV, Poketch Company, Pokemon Trainers School, Pokemon Center, Poke'Mart

3 15 On My Way [MOD]
by Noem
Jan 25, 2013 16:45:30 GMT -6
No New Posts Orenburg City - 1 Viewing

A large mining town built next to a portion of Mount Cornet. This town is widely known for the fossils that it digs up at the mine. Trainers can also come here to get their first gym badge.

Sub-boards: Orenburg City Gym, Orenburg Mine, Pokemon Center, Poke'Mart

1 20 Let's make a Splash!((Open for Modding))
by Kçℵ
Jan 6, 2013 12:40:47 GMT -6
No New Posts Floaroma Town

A city full of flowers and sweet aromas, Floaroma Town is a beautiful town once just a simple hill, now full of flowers and other beautiful plant life. Many Combee have made their homes here; honey can be bought due to it being collected by the towns people. Route 205 starts to the east of the town, of which is rocky and largely populated with trainers and Pokemon alike. It also holds the Valley Windworks and Enterna Forest within it.

Sub-boards: Flower Shop, Pokemon Center, Poke'Mart, Ryker Farm, Fuego Ironworks

2 6 Back in Action -- Noah and Goro
by Brittani Derosier
Jan 6, 2013 22:09:01 GMT -6
No New Posts Eterna Forest

The only possible way to get to Eterna City from Floaroma Town except by flying, the Eterna Forest is large and known to be hard to navigate if you venture in by yourself. If you look hard enough, you may be able to find the occasional Combee. The Old Chateau sits on the edge of the forest.

Sub-board: Old Chateau

1 1 I Ain't Afraid of no Ghost [OPEN]
by Umbra
Jan 5, 2013 21:08:39 GMT -6
No New Posts Enterna City

A place of old traditions and times, Enterna is possibly one of the oldest cities in Sinnoh next to Celestic Town. There's a bike shop in town here, as well an abandon Galactic building where they used to have their second HQ.

Sub-boards: Pokemon Center, Enterna Gym, Team Plasma Base

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No New Posts Hearthome City

One of the busiest cities in Sinnoh, Hearthome holds the Contest Hall, where many Co-Ordinator contests are held, as well as Amity Square, where your cute Pokemon can walk around with you and enjoy the air. There is also a Gym located here.

1 3 Night of Nights -- Noah
by Brittani Derosier
Jan 13, 2013 20:59:55 GMT -6
No New Posts Solaceon Town

A rather small town in between Hearthome and Veilstone, Solaceon's only main real attractions is the Daycare Center and the ruins, of which have a large amount of Unown and their writing all over the walls. Most folk that live here are utter country, believe it or not.

Sub-board: Charity Ranch

3 11 Business as usual[MAX]
by Artemis Ichino
Jan 13, 2013 22:59:39 GMT -6
No New Posts Veilstone City

A very rocky city where everyone is out and about. Some say that this is one of the largest cities in Sinnoh. Next to Jubilife and Hearthome, of course. It holds a department store, gym, a game corner, and a currently 'run down' Team Galactic Headquarters.

Sub-boards: Veilstone Gym, Team Plasma Hideout

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No New Posts Pastoria City

A city that's msotly water covered throughout most of the year, Pastoria is known for it's Great Marsh, where you can catch Pokemon much like you can in a safari zone. There is also a Pokemon Gym here.

1 3 Wading in the Water [Mod-solo]
by Goro Dusan
Jan 17, 2013 11:19:05 GMT -6
No New Posts Canalave City

A town to the east of Jubilife, connected by a small fishing route between the two. Canalave is known for it's port and the constant ships that go in and out daily. There ks a boat that takes people to Iron Island to look around or trainer, as well as a gym here.

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No New Posts Snowpoint City

A city in the far north region of Sinnoh, it takes a long and cold journey to get here. This town is always covered in snow, no matter the time of year, and can sometimes be eerily quiet due to the snow taking up all of the sound. There isn't much up here, besides a port, as well as a gym and a temple in which rarely anyone can go into.

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No New Posts Sunnyshore City

To the far west of the region lies Sunnyshore, one of the last port cities in Sinnoh. Due to there being very little space, walkways have been built above and around the city for people to get from place to place, as well as serving as solar panels to help with the cities energy. There is a gym here, as well as a lighthouse, and at one end of the city is a way to surf to the Pokemon League. You'll need all eight badges, of course.

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No New Posts Victory Road

Like many other regions, Sinnoh's Victory Road is a long and mountainous route, in which many types of Pokemon make their home in. There are also plenty of trainers to battle and train with, however make sure to bring some extra repel and healing items as needed.

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No New Posts Evergrand City

Evergrand City is home to the Elite Four of Sinnoh, as well as the Champion. Trainers come from all around to try and prove their wroth, however only a few are able to make it.

Sub-boards: Elite Four Brittani, Elite Four Cure

3 13 Elite Four Challenge
by Cure Elliot
Jan 25, 2013 17:02:02 GMT -6


Board Threads Posts Last Post
No New Posts Nuvema Town

Nuvema Town is a small port town that overlooks the ocean. There aren't too many people who actually live here, and the only major structure here is the lab where Professor Juniper and her father reside. The first route lies just outside the town.

Sub-board: Nuvema Town Lab

1 5 Day by the sea. [MOD!]
by Hazel Moore
Jan 15, 2013 9:05:18 GMT -6
No New Posts Accumula Town

Accumula is a a quaint little town, just a few shades larger than Nuvema. It has rolling hills, which all offer great views for travelers and towns folk alike. There are a few things to do here, such as take a walk around some parks, or battle at the Battle Club! The second route of the region lies just east of the city.

Sub-board: Battle Club

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No New Posts Striaton City

Here lies a fairly medium sized city, where everything is rather nice looking and there is always somewhere to go. Here also lies the first gym, as well as a garden on one side of the city, and the Dreamyard to the other. Route 3 lies to the northwestern side of the town, and houses the daycare center.

Sub-board: Striaton City Gym

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No New Posts Nacrene City

Nacrene City is a place where it is said trends begin, and aspiring artists come from all around to try and make a living and make art as well. There is a museum here where people can come and look around, and a gym for trainers to battle a dn earn a badge. There are also store houses scattered around the city in which people had made homes out of. Route 4 is to the east of the city, as well as a bridge to make it to Castella.

Sub-board: Nacrene City Gym

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No New Posts Casetlia City

Castelia is quite the bustling city. There are buildings everywhere, many turned skyscraper in order to save some space in the city without having to go out into the desert due to expansion. There are many shops, diners, shopping places, battling and co-ordinating places and much more to do around the city, and even at night, everyone and everything seems to be busy with something. There also seems to be a gym here where trainers may battle for their next gym badge.

A desert with plenty of ruins and Pokemon in it lies just north of the city, and connects Castelia City to Nimbasa.

Sub-board: Castelia City Gym

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No New Posts Nimbasa City

Nimbasa City is a city of entertainment; from it's very own theme park to the Pokemon dance theater and even two sports centers for people to play different types of sports and battle Pokemon! There also happens to be a gym in the amusement park, and route 5 lies to the north-northeast of the town, with a bridge that connects it to Drifveile.

Sub-board: Nimbasa City Gym

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No New Posts Anvil Town

Anvil Town is a small mining community which is usually only accessible via a Subway in the Battle Subway of Nimbasa. There isn't much to do here during the week besides watch TV or train Pokemon, however every Saturday Trainers gather to watch different shows going on and to battle each other as well.

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No New Posts Driftveil City

Driftveil is a mining and shipping community, sitting alongside a river in which it uses to ship goods to other places, as well as get them from other places. There is a market here for people to shop at daily, a small house where former Plasma members take in injured or abandon Pokemon and give them to trainers who will take care of them, and a gym as well. Route 6 lies to the west, where you'll have to go through Chargestone Cave and fight a bout of electric type Pokemon and more in order to get to Mistralton City.

Sub-boards: Driftveil City Gym, Team Plasma Base, Center for Disabled and Abused Pokemon

1 13 Change of Pace [OPEN]
by Dionysus Godlin
Jan 15, 2013 13:33:54 GMT -6
No New Posts Mistralton City

Mistralton City holds many people here, however it's most popular attraction is the airport which holds a gym inside of it as well. It is commonly rainy here from time to time, however is usually a nice place. To the north lies route 7, and you have to trudge through Twist Moutian to get to Icirrus City. Unless you go to Celestial Tower, a Pokemon resting place, first, of course.

Sub-board: Mistralton City Gym

1 8 A Day In The Life Of [DANNY]
by Danny Soul
Jan 12, 2013 21:57:36 GMT -6
No New Posts Icirrus City

Icirrus is a rather cold city all year round, with cool and relaxing summers and freezing cold winters. It doesn't have too much, besides a Pokemon Fan Club, Dragon Spiral tower to the north, and a marsh to capture plenty of water type Pokemon in. To the east is route 8, with a large bridge connecting it to route 9, and thus, Opelucid City.

Sub-board: Icirrus City Gym

1 12 A Marshy Beginning [Mod]
by Kçℵ
Jan 12, 2013 17:04:51 GMT -6
No New Posts Opelucid City

Opelucid City is a rather modern city, with things to do if you're bored with nothing to do. There's a battle house, where trainers may battle and test their skills with other trainers, and a gym where trainers can earn their next badge. To the north rests route 10, where trainers can head to make their way to the Elite Four, and to the east lies route 11, where the next town lies.

Sub-board: Opelucid City Gym

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No New Posts Victory Road

Victory Road is a large moutian, full of different routes to take and a confusing trek that can easily make a person get lost in. There are also plenty of Pokemon as well, most of them bigger than others.

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No New Posts Pokemon Leauge

The Pokemon League in the Unova Region lies within a an ancient looking structure. You can easily find the elite four and their champion within these walls at almost all times.

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Important Places

Board Threads Posts Last Post
No New Posts The Battle Frontier

The Battle Frontier: a place to test your skills and battle other trainers as you mow your way through each of the battle brains and earn symbols in order to become famous. There also may be a secret at the end when you receive all of them!

Does not need to go in any specific order. Everyone is welcomed.

Sub-boards: The Battle Tower, Battle Factory, Battle Pyramid, Battle Dome, Battle Arena, Battle Pike

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No New Posts Rolling Hills Farmland

A place for breeders - and many other people - to buy a farmland and raise Pokemon and such. Many choose to buy acres and build up their own land rather than buy land and an already built house/etc from someone else. There are also a lot of grasses and forests around these parts in which many wild Pokemon live; everyone is welcomed to try to catch them if they are not already claimed by humans.

Sub-board: A Deep Aura Farms

3 15 Whistle [OPEN]
by Maxwell Smith
Jan 11, 2013 18:08:17 GMT -6
No New Posts Hovering Winds Farmlands

A more moutainus region than it's counterpart, Hovering Winds Farmland is for the more daring hearted; those who lust for searing heights and high bustling winds would love it here. Although very rocky, many plants and trees can grow here; which is why the most hearty of people like staying here.

Sub-board: The Golden Arrow

3 26 Training [OPEN]
by Zephèl Onyx Nakamaru
Jan 14, 2013 9:12:13 GMT -6
No New Posts Enterprising Shopping Mall

A large one-floored shopping mall where everyone alike may buy things in order to help evolve their Pokemon, heal their Pokemon, eat, and many other things!

Sub-boards: The Pokemart, Evolution Solution, TM/HM Bargains, Trading Center, Pawn Shop

8 8 Battle Items
by Kçℵ
Jun 17, 2011 15:36:34 GMT -6
No New Posts Kangaskhan Orphanage

A very small orphanage that takes in abandon and sometimes beaten children under the age of eighteen to try to find them better homes. Many of the children here have different back stories. Usually, Pokemon aren't allowed, however the head mistress has allowed small Pokemon to stay.

Sub-boards: The Playground, Boy's Rooms, Girl's Rooms, Mess Hall, The Library

1 1 Orphanage Info
by Kçℵ
Jun 17, 2011 10:21:00 GMT -6
No New Posts Forever Hospital

Weather someone is giving birth or needs medical attention, or something in between, come here to get it.

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No New Posts Breeders HQ

This is the place where breeders meet, and are able to buy and sell their Pokemon to other breeders and anyone else who is willing to buy from them. People may sell and adopt off their Pokemon as they wish. There is also an area where people may buy Pokemon if wanted.

Sub-board: Willow Acres

2 3 Pokemon
by Kçℵ
Jun 24, 2011 0:33:18 GMT -6


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